A personal and lightning-fast approach to
responding with your meeting availability.

Finally, share your availability like a human

Connecting is about...
…making moments personal.
…making moments human.

PasteTime makes connecting personal and lightning-fast.

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Sending booking links is like throwing stones over the wall. Searching and typing out slots is tedious. PasteTime changes that.

Our user testimonials

Akanksha - “I am a hustler balancing multiple balls in the air. I want my calendar to speed my hustle. PasteTime takes my hustle to the next level”

John Doe - “As a founder, I want to make every interaction count. PasteTime takes the impersonal out of scheduling critical conversations”

Leon - “ This is my favorite plug-in on my browser. Saves me atleast 30-40 minutes a day. And Y’all Time is MONEY!”

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